Advanced communication tools for healthcare teams

Foxo - Advanced collaboration tools for healthcare teams

The complete suite of communication tools for clinicians and teams

Whether you’re a GP, specialist, practice manager, or powering a business, reaching the right health professional in real-time is essential. Forwrd has meticulously designed beautiful and easy to use software with unmatched functionality to help you communicate accurately, collaborate seamlessly, improve workplace efficiencies, and significantly lower patient incidents. A rapidly growing user base of forward-thinking health care professionals rely on our technology every day.

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Locally developed and expanding globally, we're focussed on interoperability, ease of use, and scale.

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Our partners and development team are located in Australia and North America.

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Our products work at an individual level and scale up to enterprise. We're working with GP Clinics through to some of Australia's biggest hospitals.

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Hold onto your hats, the industry hasn't experienced software the runs in real time like this. Get a demo or try it yourself.


Foxo, our flagship product

At its roots, Foxo is a communication tool. But it’s so much more than chat, it’s where powerful collaboration begins.

It's time for a change.

“In Australia, as many as 18,000 deaths are caused or at least expedited in Australia by medical errors each year. Many of these errors have their origins in a digital ecosystem beset by bespoke secure communications systems that simply don’t talk to each other.”
Medical Republic 2017
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