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Why work @ Forwrd?

We’ve gone too long living in a world of tedious administration, phone tag, and dated communication tools. We know the health industry needs a reset, a kick start, and a hit of adrenaline. Help us make a difference and create something grand.

Company perks

Work from anywhere

To find the best talent we look far and wide. You live anywhere and travel to any destination.

Choose your tools

We don't mandate what you use. We know your tools are optimal for your working style. Tell us what you need and it'll happen.

A unique package

Competitive salary, flexible work arrangements, work from anywhere, and complete autonomy. If this sounds like you, drop us a line below.

Born in the cloud

As a forward thinking tech company, our operational environment is cloud based. This enables a truly flexible and agile workforce.

Dedicated, passionate, and grounded

Dedicated to revolutionising antiquated communication practices Passionate about improving patient care by solving long-standing clinical communication issues Grounded in believing if you succeed, we all succeed. And, great teamwork leads to great success.

National Sales Manager

We’re looking for an experienced sales manager with a proven track record of selling into health care institutions such as hospitals and clinics. The ideal candidate will have either software sales, health tech, or medical rep experience or a combination of these. The successful candidate will need to travel, demo, and sell. This requires a passionate person who truely believes in great our great team, our first class product, and the problem we’re solving is essential to patient safety and the industry at large.

Skill Set:

  • Salesforce or similar CRM
  • Ability to prospect leads through to conversion
  • A self starter
  • Dedicated and passionate

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